Texts from sofa-bound viewers kept the fans informed

Last updated : 04 November 2010 By DM
What's everyone talking about?, Was it a fair result? we ask these and more questions - you supply the answers after the Seasiders first evening fixture in the Barclays Premier League.

What's the talk in the stands.

The 1st half was all about the sendings off/penalty incidents. Opinion from the stands was being constantly informed by texts from sofa-bound viewers. Verdict : 1st penalty and sending off decisions both marginal but supportable, 2nd sending off - simply a brutal challenge deserving of a double-red - thank goodness Reg came out of it uninjured.

2nd half saw an immense amount of frustration at Pool's inability to see off the 9 men - my view is that we played OK against 9 well-organised good quality players and did everything but finish the chances we created.

Was it a fair result?

Yes - We played well against 11 men, created far and away the most and best chances against 11, 10 & 9 men even though we were far from at our best.

Best chant?

Enjoyed the cameo 'Boing Boing' from Baggies fans and also their enquiry into the closeness of referee Oliver's relationship with Ollie !!

Funniest moment?

Before the game seeing the ground's floodlights shining brightly whilst the street lights outside the ground flickered on and off. KO couldn't be 'spreading the electricity cost' .......could he ???!!!

Who were Blackpool's star players?

Varney continues to impress, Vaughan was everywhere (as always), Crainey had a very good game (again) and Carney did well towards the end.

Any regrets?

Such a pity that DJ didn't get the goal his workrate and effort thoroughly deserved.

Opposition any good?

A very good side who once they recovered and reorganised looked very capable indeed and worthy of their excellent results so far.

What next?

Consolidation is what it's all about on Saturday. A good performance with a point from the game would be a good outcome.

Perhaps a re-think on how to close out a game from a comfortable winning position would help my stress levels. To see both Evatt and Crainey in the top 1/4 of the pitch late on invited them to catch us on the break, which they did but thankfully made it count only once!!

Final thoughts?

A very strange game. I actually enjoyed the Man City game more even though we lost - what's that all about!! I think it's because once WBA went down to 9 men we switched from being the usual underdogs to odds-on favourites and the fans mindsets and expectations changed, with lots of impatience around me.