Let's keep it going and stay where we belong - in the Prem!!

Last updated : 08 November 2010 By DM
What's everyone talking about?, Was it a fair result? we ask these and more questions - you supply the answers after the Seasiders encounter with the Toffees in the Barclays Premier League.

What's the talk in the stands.

"Shop, ground, fans and players all buzzing! Let's keep it going and stay where we belong - in the Prem!! (Thanks to DL for the quote!)

Was it a fair result?

Undoubtedly the right result. Everton were the better side pretty much throughout the first half, Pool shaded the 2nd half and certainly finished the stronger. Interesting to see space all over the pitch as both teams went for the win in the last 15 minutes - great stuff!!

Best chant?

Stirring renditions of 'The Best Trip' to make the spine tingle.

Funniest moment?

Tony Parr's worst nightmare coming true when an Everton substitution called for the introduction of Mr Bil...yal..et..din..ov to be announced to the crowd!! Priceless!

Who were Blackpool's star players?

Cathcart and Vaughan stood out for me. Everyone played their part in a great game of football although Southern (understandably) looked a little off the pace and Varney had a rare quiet game. Cameos from Phillips, who again looked very sharp and a great prospect, and also Harewood who looked lively, strong and up for it.

Any regrets?

Not really. Yes, the Harewood goal could have been given but then we could easily have conceded a penalty as Evatt tangled with Saha late on. I said before the game a point would nicely consolidate the win against WBA so I'm happy with that.

Opposition any good?

Very good indeed. Highly organised, very controlled, skilful and fast on the break........and yet we deserved the draw. Good times indeed.

What next?

Two tough away games in the next week might give us the opportunity to look at a couple of the lads on the fringe of the team who have been patient so far. Sylvestre and Carney in particular may get their chance to shine and contribute to keeping the points tally ticking over.

Final thoughts?

Royally entertained. This season is proving to be even more fun than I could possibly have hoped for!!