Holloway- Top clubs can have Adam

The Scotland midfielder has been one of the revelations of the season for the promoted Seasiders and with 18 months left on his contract is already starting to attract interest. One club, reportedly Aston Villa, have made a ¦pound;3.5million bid for the 25-year-old but Holloway will not even consider it.

"I want him to go to a club which is not struggling, it's always been my goal to get him to one of the top five or six clubs," said Holloway. "He wants one day to go to a bigger club than us and, where we are in the league (ninth), there aren't too many."

Holloway continued: "I want him to go to a place where he is likely to win, where he is not going to plug a hole and his manager is in a solid position.

"I want him to go to a place where he is loved, cherished and appreciated and that is certainly not any of the teams that have rung up about him so far.

"No disrespect to them but they are wasting their time. They can shove their bid wherever they like it because if they think he is only worth £3.5million they are watching a different game to the one I am.

"If they want to insult me by offering £3.5million then, sorry, they are barking up the wrong tree, they are messing with the wrong dog.

"I've seen what he does and some of it is genius - and you don't get genius cheap."

Source: PA

Source: PA