Holloway- Adam going nowhere

Adam, instrumental in the Seasiders' promotion to the Barclays Premier League last season and hugely impressive again this term, has been linked with a host of clubs in recent weeks, with Villa having bids of ¦pound;2.5million and ¦pound;3.5million rejected.

Asked if he definitely would not be selling Adam in January, Holloway said: "No - why should I? The thing is, if someone offered the 'right' amount of money, which would be fair in terms of the market value of Charlie, how do I work out what that market value is when clubs are paying absolutely ludicrous amounts of money for people I don't see as being as good as Charlie?"

He added: "Charlie has signed a contract and someone can come in all they like, but it's not his choice and it's not their choice. He belongs to us and he is contracted for 18 months.

"You have to behave with respect and not all players do that sometimes, but that is the way the game is.

"I think he is still improving, I think he belongs to us and if someone wants to offer money, I think they are wasting their time because we don't need to sell him at the moment."

Holloway suggested Adam could be worth "¦pound;46million" due to what Blackpool would earn should they avoid relegation and the Bristolian described Villa's recent offers as "absolutely disgraceful".

He believes his decision to reject Villa's approaches for Adam were further justified this week when the midlands outfit forked out a record ¦pound;18million - rising to ¦pound;24million - for Sunderland striker Bent.

"Obviously Aston Villa are a massive club, but how can they rate Darren Bent at that sort of figure and offer me that for Charlie?" Holloway said. "I think it is quite derisory."

Asked what his reaction had been to the news of Bent's move to Villa, Holloway said: "I thought my decision not to sell him [Adam] - or dream about selling him - was correct."

Source: PA

Source: PA