Fans despise Burnley & PNE in national poll

Last updated : 10 August 2008 By The_Seasider
A survey conducted by Sandler Trading asked fans to pick their most despised and well loved sides and has not unexpectedly revealed that Leeds United, Manchester United and Chelsea occupy the top three positions as the most hated clubs in football.

Slightly further behind are our two Lancashire rivals the Clarets in 6th place and Preston North End a further 6 places down in 12th position.

The top 20 most hated clubs in full are:

1 Leeds Utd, 2 Manchester Utd, 3 Chelsea, 4 Wolves, 5 Millwall, 6 Burnley, 7 Bolton, 8 West Ham, 9 Stoke, 10 Scunthorpe, 11 Derby, 12 Preston North End, 13 West Brom, 14 Manchester City, 15 Aston Villa, 16 Bristol City, 17 Sheffield United, 18 MK Dons, 19 Stockport, 20 Bristol Rovers.

Morecambe top the list of well liked clubs alongside Championship sides Arsenal and Liverpool.

The top 20 best liked clubs:

1 Morecambe, 2 Arsenal, 3 Liverpool, 4 Hartlepool, 5 Brighton, 6 Crewe
Alexandra, 7 Walsall, 8 Tottenham Hotspur, 9 Bournemouth, 10 Bury, 11
Rochdale, 12 Doncaster, 13 Newcastle United, 14 Portsmouth, 15 Southampton, 16 Blackburn, 17 Ipswich, 18 Everton, 19 Fulham, 20 Accrington Stanley

Shaun Thomson, of Sandler Training, on the Sun Website said fans look at Leeds and immediately think "they are arrogant and big-headed".

He added: "To change the perception of other fans, Leeds must stop living up to the negative image that's been created around the club and start doing things differently.

"Maybe that's what Morecambe have achieved — they are new to the league, have new ideas and positive appeal."