A breathless 90 minutes of football in the big city!

Last updated : 14 November 2010 By DM
What's everyone talking about?, Was it a fair result? we ask these and more questions - you supply the answers after the Seasiders came face to face with the Hammers in their own backyard.

What's the talk in the stands.

The possible fall out from Ollie's selection for the Villa game. I think that the way he made some of the points were a bit questionable but the points themselves were valid - it is Ollie's right as manager to pick who he wants from the squad.

Was it a fair result?

I think the result was about right. We could have won if we had taken our chances but West Ham will doubtless be saying the same. First half we were on top for a period, but we were under the cosh for a slice of the 2nd half. Mind you the game was so stretched towards the end (again) that there was so much space on the pitch it looked like 6 aside!!!

Best chant?

One Peggy Mitchell, there's only one Peggy Mitchell.... !!!

Funniest moment?

At full time reminding a fellow travelling fan that before the game he had suggested that the way we play we could go through the whole season without a goalless draw. He then uttered the words "If it finishes 0-0 today I'll bare my backside on the pitch." He didn't, and to be honest I for one am very grateful !!

Who were Blackpool's star players?

Cathcart was absolutely outstanding at the back. On numerous occasions he was the difference between conceding and keeping our goal intact using his judgement, his pace over a short distance, his determination and his bravery to keep the Hammers at bay, ably supported by the rest of the defence.

Any regrets?

Missed opportunities in front of goal continue to rack up but I'm not complaining, we'll get days when they do go in for GTF and Marlon - and with DJ looking sharp before his injury (hope it's only a monor knock) the goals will come given the chances created.

Opposition any good?

Parker looked a good player but must be frustrated by the lack of bite in front of him.It looks like it will be a long season for the Hammers.

What next?

A bit more shooting practice for the front men but there's not a lot wrong going into an important game against Wolves, whose luck ought to change soon - but hopefully not at the seaside on Saturday. Off the field let's hope that the bonus dispute between the club and Charlie is finally resolved amicably post-tribunal, and the Premier League sees sense regarding a manager's freedom to use the 25 man squad.

Final thoughts?

A breathless 90 minutes of football in the big city, including a sublime pass from Charlie, deep in our own half, to Varney in a very advanced position on the left. The vision and accuracy of that pass will live long in my memory.